GCU Annuity Products

Option A
CD alternative without the restrictions and penalties of bank CD’s. It currently pays 1.00%% APY, disbursed monthly as a check or credited to your checking account. Funds are available at any time in any amount, without a penalty. The minimum deposit is $5,000.


GCU One-Plus-Four Choice Annuity
Currently earns a tax deferred rate of 1.65% for one year. You can elect to leave your money in this account for an additional four years and receive the 5-Year Advantage new issue interest rate for the second through fifth year. The interest rate will be declared annually.


GCU Triple Advantage Annuity
2.40% APY guaranteed for three years. At the end of the three year period you can take all of your money out, renew or apply it to another GCU product.


GCU  Five-Year Advantage Annuity
3.00% APY guaranteed for 2 years.  GCU fully intends to continue to pay 3.00% for the remainder of the 5 year period. No-penalty withdrawal of 10% is available in the first year, 20% each subsequent year. Full amount is payable in case of terminal illness or long term care.


GCU Flex-8
Currently earns 3.50% APY on a tax-deferred basis. Withdrawals of up to 10% per year without a penalty.

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