SK Financial Group offers annuities from GCU-Greek Catholic Union, GBU Financial Life, ISDA & NSS Life. We are certain we can find the right product for your portfolio.  Contact us today so we can learn more about your needs.

GBU Financial Life Annuity Products

GBU’s annuity products are personal retirement vehicles designed to help reach long-term financial goals through¬†the use of tax-deductible, tax-exempt and tax-deferred accounts. In addition, GBU annuities can also be used […]

GCU Annuity Products

Option A CD alternative without the restrictions and penalties of bank CD’s. It currently pays 1.00%% APY, disbursed monthly as a check or credited to your checking account. Funds are […]

NSS Life Annuity Products

Preferred-8 and Preferred-5 Annuities Both can be established with an initial deposit of $1,000 or $90 per month. Competitive interest rates. Additional deposits can be made anytime without affecting original […]