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Are Annuities Safe?

Annuities Agent Pittsburgh SewickleyAnnuities have long been considered the safe investment alternative especially for people who are most concerned about securing their retirement income.  Life insurance companies have been issuing annuities since the 19th century. Since then, even during times of the most difficult economic conditions such as the Great Depression, no annuity owner or beneficiary has ever lost a cent of their investment.

Life insurance companies have always been considered to be the most rock solid of all our financial institutions, and, while there have been a few instances of insurers wavering on insolvency, the life insurance industry has always taken care of its own by propping up or buying up troubled companies.

But “times are different” you might say. After all, it took the federal government to bail out one of the largest insurers in the world (AIG), which has billions of annuity deposits. […]

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How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?

Life Insurance Agent Pittsburgh PAHow much life insurance you need depends on what you need the insurance to do. As a general rule, the more dependents you have and the longer their dependency is expected to last, the more insurance you need. But even people with no dependents need some life insurance.


Typical Life Insurance Situations


People with minor children

The younger your children are, the longer they will depend on your income. Therefore, more insurance will be needed to replace the income you would have provided, should you die while they are still young. If both parents earn income, then both should have […]

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Home Page – Middle Box


We offer annuity products from four different companies:

  • GBU Financial Life – two products
  • GCU – five products
  • NSS Life – two products
  • ISDA – three products

With many options from which to choose, we are certain to find one that will fit perfectly into your portfolio.


Permanent/Whole Life or Term Life Insurance…which is the right for you?  We can help you make the right decision.

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